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  1. Overview of Six Sigma Improvement Initiative
  2. Introductory Level for MSA
  3. Introductory Level of SPC
  4. Introductory level OEE
  5. Root Cause Analysis Tools
  6. Data Collection
  7. Example of a Six Sigma Project
The following are the objectives and/or the outcomes that will be gained by the participants upon completing the course:

  • Understand the concept of Six Sigma Overview using DMAIC Model Approach.
  • Introductory Knowledge about Statistical Process Control and Measurement System Analysis.
  • Understand proper ways for data collection technique.
  • Lean about Root Cause Analysis Tools
This course is designed for shop floor operators, line leaders, supervisors and technicians.
The training can be conducted online via WebEx or in person onsite by our local representative either in a central location or at each site. Please contact our office ( for possibilities.

Note: For companies in Malaysia: DataLyzer in Penang is a HRD Corp training provider.

DataLyzer has 40 years experience implementing FMEA, MSA, SPC and OEE. We have experience implementing Six Sigma techniques in hundreds of companies all over the world in Automotive, Food, packaging, Medical devices, Aerospace, Semiconductor, High Tech. etc etc. Trainers teach based on years of practical experience.

Training can be combined with practical implementation including software implementation which guarantees the linkage between tehory and practical usage the day after the training.

This yellow belt training offers an introduction to Lean Six Sigma for operators, technicians and teamleaders. In 4 to 8 hours the participants will get an introduction in SPC, MSA, OEE, DMAIC, Problem solving and the relations between all techniques. This course can be adapted so it relates to the implementation of Datalyzer SPC, MSA and OEE software and requirements of your organization.

For more information please see the yellow belt brochure.



Datalyzer is partner of ILLSI, which was founded as a partnership for greater understanding and standardization between Lean Six Sigma professionals in the UK, Switzerland, EU, Africa, USA and the Middle-East with a focus on providing International collaboration, common understanding and standards for both Lean and Six Sigma principles, tools and techniques. Through ILLSI we provide Accredited Lean Six Sigma Certifications through our online exams.  We offer all certification levels in 8 different languages.  Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt level.