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(SPC) SPC Import Service:

Many data entry sources are used to gather production data for SPC analysis. Next to manual data entry and semi-automatic entry through direct interface with digital gages, you can also import data fully automatically with our DataLyzer Import Service, (DIS). During this 1-hour webinar, we explained the automatic import service from any source into DataLyzer, (e.g., SQL, .CSV, Excel, Historian).

(FMEA) Advanced User Management (Non-Aerospace):

This session outlined and highlighted how to give our customers the capability to control who has access to the FMEAs and what they can do i.e., view, edit, etc. This is especially interesting and useful for people using the same database for several sites, but also for users who want to show customers specific FMEAs.

(FMEA) ITAR Compliancy in DataLyzer FMEA: (Aerospace & Defence):

This webinar explains how to use the advanced user management functionality and policies as well as the ITAR frontpage designer to drive and support ITAR compliance.

(SPC) DataLyzer Qualis 4.0:

DataLyzer recently announced the next generation SPC software. Qualis 4.0 is the latest generation of SPC software which will have all the SPC Spectrum functionality you are already familiar with and much more, but in a web-browser platform. It seamlessly integrates with existing Spectrum modules, because it uses the exact same database. No data conversion is required. During this 1.5-hour webinar, DataLyzer will demonstrate the new Web-based Satellite along with future developments.

(FMEA) How to Work with Reference FMEAs:

The new AIAG/VDA manual recommends usage of reference/standard/master FMEAs, a practice also applies to Aerospace as well. This webinar will focus on how to choose what can be used as a reference FMEA and how to make it general enough to be used in many specific FMEAs.

(SPC) Advanced Analytics with SPC Wizard:

During this 1.5-hour webinar, we showed how to use our DataLyzer Wizard module for advanced analytics on the SPC data gathered by DataLyzer Spectrum/Satellite. Various analyses like Control Chart analysis, Capability analysis, Correlation analysis, Pareto analysis, Multi-Vari analysis (F-test and T-test included) and Frequency analysis can be performed quickly and easily along with various filters and search conditions. DataLyzer Wizard is simple to use while offering extremely powerful results.

(FMEA) The link Between Flow Chart, FMEA and Control Plan:

This webinar explains the link between the various documents in the FMEA software and how to establish this link in DataLyzer FMEA. You will learn which information is common between the documents and how DataLyzer FMEA can be used to make sure the same information can be found in the corresponding documents.

(SPC) Mould Management:

DataLyzer provides a Mould Management solution that integrates with our SPC software. The DataLyzer Mould Management solution supports global manufacturers in monitoring the moulding process, whilst reducing the risk of costly injection moulding defects. With the DataLyzer Mould Management module, you can establish the mould and cavity layout and the mould configuration. During this 1-hour webinar, we will demonstrate our Mould Management software and discuss how it can support you in monitoring the moulding process.

(MSA) Measurement System Analysis:

During this 1.5-hour webinar, DataLyzer explained more about MSA and how to perform an MSA/Gage R&R study in the DataLyzer Gage Management module. We will also show how MSA studies can be performed and registered with DataLyzer and how this is integrated with DataLyzer SPC.

(SPC) Process Capability:

This 1-hour webinar  covered the Process Capability indices like CP, CPK, PP, PPK, CPR and PPR. DataLyzer will explain how to interpret the different Process Capability Indices in your manufacturing environment and what reports in DataLyzer will be most useful analysing these indices. You can find a recording of a similar webinar here

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DataLyzer International offers free Webinars packed with useful information about DataLyzer features and frequently asked questions. These webinars also describe many exciting new developments and software features. Build your knowledge in these areas: DataLyzer FMEA/Control Plan, Gage Management/MSA, OEE and real-time SPC modules.

Who is this for? DataLyzer customers and anyone who wants to learn more about new and existing DataLyzer features. Understand how these developments can ignite your productivity and analytical effectiveness.

Upcoming webinars:

Tuesday November 22nd | 15:00 (UK time) / 10:00 am (EST): Upgrade DataLyzer Spectrum to DataLyzer Qualis 4.0 | MSA, SPC and FMEA

Webbased SPC

DataLyzer will provide a free webinar showcasing new web-based applications Qualis SPC and MSA as well as fully integrated FMEA. DataLyzer’s web-based applications run on the same database backend as Spectrum.

  • Backward- and forward compatibility.
  • Hosted via Microsoft IIS so you choose how the application is published or it can even run as a installed application.
  • Single database supports all DataLyzer applications.
  • Integrated FMEA for RM13004 defect prevention compliance.
  • Upgrade Spectrum licenses to Qualis for free for customers with active AMA.

Content of this webinar:

  • 45 minutes: Qualis 4.0 web-based SPC application demonstration
  • 15 minutes: Sneak peak of web-based gage management (MSA) application demonstration
  • 15 minutes: Fully integrated FMEA solution
  • 15 minutes:  Q&A session

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