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(SPC) SPC Import Service:

The full automatic import of data from any source into DataLyzer (e.g., SQL, .CSV, Excel, Historian) with our DataLyzer Import Service is demonstrated and explained. 

(FMEA) Advanced User Management (Non-Aerospace):

This session outlined and highlighted how to give our customers the capability to control who has access to the FMEAs and what they can do i.e., view, edit, etc. 

(FMEA) ITAR Compliancy in DataLyzer FMEA: (Aerospace & Defence):

This webinar explains how to use the advanced user management functionality and policies as well as the ITAR frontpage designer to drive and support ITAR compliance.

(FMEA) How to Work with Reference FMEAs:

The AIAG/VDA manual recommends usage of reference/standard/master FMEAs, a practice also applies to Aerospace as well. This webinar focused on how to work with reference FMEAs.

(SPC) Advanced Analytics with SPC Wizard:

We showed how to use our DataLyzer Wizard module for advanced analytics on the SPC data gathered by DataLyzer Spectrum/Satellite. (Control Chart analysis, Capability analysis, Correlation analysis, Pareto analysis, Multi-Vari analysis (F-test and T-test included) and Frequency analysis) 

(FMEA) The link Between Flow Chart, FMEA and Control Plan:

This webinar explains the link between the various documents in the FMEA software and how to establish this link in DataLyzer FMEA. 

(MSA) Measurement System Analysis:

DataLyzer explained more about MSA and how to perform an MSA/Gage R&R study in the DataLyzer Gage Management module. It showed how MSA studies can be performed and registered with DataLyzer and how this is integrated with DataLyzer SPC.

(SPC) Process Capability:

This webinar covered the Process Capability indices like CP, CPK, PP, PPK, CPR and PPR. DataLyzer explained how to interpret the different Process Capability Indices in your manufacturing environment and what reports in DataLyzer will be most useful analysing these indices. 

DataLyzer International offers free Webinars packed with useful information about DataLyzer features and frequently asked questions. These webinars also describe many exciting new developments and software features. Build your knowledge in these areas: DataLyzer FMEA/Control Plan, Gage Management/MSA, OEE and real-time SPC modules.

Who is this for? DataLyzer customers and anyone who wants to learn more about new and existing DataLyzer features. Understand how these developments can ignite your productivity and analytical effectiveness.

Upcoming Webinars

We scheduled  Webinars to explain the new AIAG Control Plan and how this is implemented in DataLyzer FMEA.

This month (March) a new AIAG reference manual was released for Control Plans. Join our webinar to learn more about the requirements, like the added column, the link with Reverse FMEA, family and foundation FMEAs and more.


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