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DataLyzer International offers and implements an integrated and easy-to-use quality software suite to accelerate your full production development and operations processes.

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)


More and more customers require some form of ‘Advanced Product Quality Planning’ (APQP). In Automotive Industry we see for example APQP and ‘Production Part Approval Process’ (PPAP) as IATF16949 and VDA requirements.

In Aerospace Industry we see APQP and Zero Defects as AS9100 requirements. In addition to these generic requirements we see ‘Customer Specific Requirements’ (CSR).

DataLyzer International offers a complete software solution with its suite including FMEA, MSA, SPC and OEE.

Our APQP software solution complies with all major Industry requirements and on top with most CSR. Below a description of some of the specific features required in different Industries.

Solutions that fit your Industry

Aerospace and Defense: The Aerospace & Defense Industry is setting high standards on product performance, process efficiency and product safety, and is aiming for Zero Defects. DataLyzer has a perfect fit for manufacturing companies within the Aerospace & Defense Industry . Our software products fully comply to RM13002(FAIR) , RM13003 (MSA) , RM13004 (FMEA) and RM13006 (SPC) and the ITAR requirements but more important support the interface between these products. DataLyzer offers both SAAS as well as on premise installed applications in case SAAS is not allowed. 

Food and Beverages: DataLyzer provides all necessary tools for Food & Beverage Industry to improve (automatic) data collection, including support of HACCP documentation, legal weight regulation solutions, in-line inspections and supply chain management. 

High Tech and Electronics: DataLyzer SPC has a long history within the High Tech and Electronics Industry. Customers like Microchip, ST Microelectronics and TF-AMD drive the development of specific features for this Industry. Solutions implemented are for example;

  • Dage tester analysis in back-end semiconductor
  • Cumulative Count charts for low defect processes
  • Integration with MES systems or testing systems using our full functional DLL
  • Compliance with IPC requirements for PCB industry.

In addition, our team of solution engineers has a lot of experience implementing SPC in HighTech and Semiconductor Industry.

Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical: Our DataLyzer solutions comply to all latest standards in the Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Industry. Our SPC software has a full Audit Trail functionality for data logging (CFR 21 part 11).

General Manufacturing: DataLyzer has more than 4000 companies using our products. Users vary from small companies to multinationals within all kinds of Industries.

Automotive: Our software solutions fully comply to the latest standards from the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAQ) and the Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA). Our solutions perfectly fit the Quality Control, Risk Analysis, Productivity and Proces Improvement requirements from the OEMs as well as its suppliers (1st, 2nd, 3rd tier etc.).

Data flows from drawing (through automatic import into our FMEA solution), to MSA, First Article Inspection, Automatic SPC setup, Automatic import of measurements from any source to all relevant analysis and reports making the solution highly efficient and reduces engineering cost.

Packaging: With specific features for Injection and Blow Moulding as allowing blocked cavities, special charts for grouping parallel processes, integrated OEE solution etc., DataLyzer has extensive experience in all type of Packaging Industries. 

Solutions for all Company Types / Size of Business

APQP solutions

Small and Midsized Businesses: DataLyzer software solutions provides small and midsized organizations with the tools they need to comply to customer requirements with respect to quality management and process control. Implementation of our software modules will provide large benefits whilst it is cost competitive and efficient both in implementation and continuous use. DataLyzer consultants are available to assist with the implementation process with training on our software solutions and the theoretical concepts.

Large Enterprises: Standardization across the globe has huge benefits for large companies. Implementing a standardized solution offers cost reduction in training, makes data exchange a lot easier, offers the option to benchmark, reduces time when products are transferred between production locations, reduces parallel improvement activities between plants etc etc

DataLyzer has offices around the globe and can support almost everywhere in the world in your local language. With the integrated suite of FMEA, MSA and SPC in over 20 languages and local implementation support DataLyzer offers a unique solution for large enterprises. More and more Fortune 500 companies are experiencing the benefits of the DataLyzer solution. The different modules of DataLyzer are perfect to standardize the quality and process management tools within the company across sites.


  • Store all design and process FMEAs/Control Plans on a central location, sharing this knowledge and information between locations.
  • Manage all of your quality and process measurements within one central database.
  • Standardize the integration with the ICT architecture (MES, ERP integration)
  • Standardize training, implementation and reporting across sites.
  • Automate data collection and reporting of the results.
  • Accelerate communication between engineering and operations.
  • Etc.

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