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Qualis 4.0 Satellite

In May, we released Qualis 4.0 Satellite version 0.8.102. This release includes some major new features like; 

1. We have implemented an OOC/OOS Management Report feature. This report shows the subgroups that were Out of Control (OOC) or Out of Spec (OOS) for the last ‘X’ hours. This report allows the user to acknowledge these OOC/OOS subgroups and add a user, cause and/or action note.
2. The Audit Trail is implemented in Qualis SAT and supported once the Admin selects the option ‘Data Change Logging’ in the Global Settings.
3. It is now possible for users that are authorized to Edit Pages in Qualis Satellite.

DataLyzer FMEA

In April a new option is added to directly create and print an inspection plan from the Control Plan. (Version 0.9.107). You can create an Excel Inspection Plan template, then create an Inspection Plan where you select which characteristics need to be inspected. Then Inspection Plans can be printed. For more info please look at the whitepaper.