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Qualis Satellite V0.9.100

In August, we released Version 0.9.100 where we have added the below new features:

  • We have added the Pareto Widget for Data Entry, Review and Dashboards. 
  • We implemented reports for Control Charts, Capability (Histogram) and Statistical Summary/ Process Capability.
  • SAML Active Directory Integration

DataLyzer FMEA V1.05

DataLyzer FMEA makes the use of reference FMEAs more flexible, by allowing a new type of references at the Requirement Level.
Many companies are struggling on how to implement references, also known as standard FMEAs, master FMEAs, family and foundation FMEAs, generic FMEAs, etc.

DataLyzer FMEA provides a flexible use of Reference FMEAs where you can now also add reference requirements to selected steps. Updating the reference requirement will update all specific documents using that reference.

Qualis 4.0 Satellite V0.8.105

1. We have implemented the “Offline Sequence Pop-up Box”. This feature, if activated in the Satellite Setup and assigned as a privilege to the role of the user, will open a pop-up screen showing all overdue sequences (based on the frequency timer in DataLyzer Spectrum). This clearly indicated for the operators/quality technicians etc. when they need to start a new measurement sequence.
2. The Nordson Dage Tester Interface is added to Qualis Satellite for a data entry screen combining the Variable (Pull Strength) and Attribute (Wire Break) characteristics

Offline Alerts in DataLyzer SPC
MSA Gage Management

 Qualis MSA Gage Management

Earlier this year, we released a beta verison of Qualis Satellite MSA Gage Management. This new module consists of all Gage Management, Calibration and Gage R&R functionality as currently available in DataLyzer Spectrum and much more.  

Contact your accountmanager for more information.  

DataLyzer FMEA V1.04.105

In February, version 1.04.105 is released where we have added some improvements like for example;

  • New option to copy multiple Prevention and Detection Methods from the PFMEA to the Control Plan
  • New feature: optional automatic saveLink between DFMEA and PFMEA established
  • New option to copy Incoming Variation from the PFMEA to the Control Plan
  • Added AIAG VDA columns to standard text
  • Improved Layout of Process Flow
dashboard daily management

Qualis 4.0 Satellite V.0.8.104

1. We have implemented an OOC/OOS Management Report feature. This report shows the subgroups that were Out of Control (OOC) or Out of Spec (OOS) for the last ‘X’ hours. This report allows the user to acknowledge these OOC/OOS subgroups and add a user, cause and/or action note.
2. We added our dashboarding functionality to Qualis Satellite. Now you can create your own dashboards including Histogram, Control Chart, Multi-Vari and Data Table widgets.

DataLyzer FMEA 1.01

Improvements are implemented within the AIAG-VDA Forms (Excel import for Form C/ More flexibility for column headers etc. etc.) In the prior version we added the new feature to create Inspecfion Plans directly from your Control Plan. For more info around this feature, please look at the whitepaper.