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DataLyzer was the first company ever to offer a real-time SPC solution. Our partner, Arno Koch, was the first to ever offer a real-time OEE solution in 1995. Based on 25 years of experience with OEE software, Arno has developed a completely revolutionary new version called OEE Coach. Arno Koch and DataLyzer have combined the development of both systems in order to achieve a far-reaching integrated solution. This partnership results in the most powerful integrated solution for real-time SPC and OEE.

OEE Coach software is a powerful real-time module suitable for OEE, ranging from manual downtime registration to fully automatic registration of machines via sensors and OPC to obtain the necessary information from your machines. Much more information can be found on the OEE Coach website.



Benefits of SPC and OEE

Data acquisition for OEE and SPC will usually go along. Some examples;

  • Food Industry: You want to apply OEE on a production line but you also need to measure the weight of the products every 20 minutes. The advantage of an integrated approach is that the OEE system can trigger the weight measurement based on the right business rules.
  • Injection Moulding Industry: You need to perform quality measurements on the product preferable per cavity and the tool should be able to handle blocked cavities, but you also want to perform OEE and want to have an analysis if downtimes are influencing the product quality. Process characteristics might offer an early warning system for downtimes. If the cycle time is going to vary this might be an early warning sign for downtimes and bad quality. An integrated SPC and OEE solution can provide the tools to analyze correlations between process characteristics and production downtimes.
  • Automotive Industry: An OEE system is essential to push for very reliable lead times with the lowest cost. At the same time the customer requirement is to perform SPC measurements according to the control plan eg every 5th product and provide capability reports according to TS16949 requirements. The integrated DataLyzer solution can easily offer this functionality.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: To optimize usage of resources more and more pharmaceutic industries are applying OEE but at the same time you need to perform quality measurements and comply with CFR 21 Part 11 regulations. DataLyzer has all knowledge in house to offer all of this in our standard solution.

The unique combination of two top-specialists in their respective field will offer the best thinkable functionality for discrete, batch and process industry and comply with all major regulations.

Integration between systems offers advanced analysis of relation between downtime and quality issues. Operators use one interface to enter both SPC and OEE data thereby offering an optimal solution for quality and productivity improvement.

DataLyzer OEE Coach has an extensive list of features. It is designed so it can visualize ANY loss on ANY type of equipment with ANY combination of products against ANY unit of measurement. Below you get a summary overview of the features. For more details please go to:

Data Entry

OEE Coach data Entry

Main features during data entry are:
• Touch screen interface
• Intuitive user-interface: designed for shop floor use
• Clear overview of activities
• Indication in red what the most likely next action is for the operator
• Automatic adjustment of next or previous activities to make sure timeline is correct
• Indication of possible errors on the screen
• Configurable per system and per user
• Effective user-access policy per user, PC and role.

Data Analysis

OEE Coach Effectivity Pie Chart

OEE Effectivity Pie Chart

OEE Coach includes extensive analysis options:

• All analysis can be done based on OEE, OOE, Solitaire or TEEP
• Effectiveness (in time) – bar chart or pie chart
• Availability
• Output in time
• Product performance
• Batch performance
• Quality

OEE Reporting

MTB and MTO reports in OEE Coach

MTB and MTO reports in OEE Coach
OEE Management Report 

OEE Coach Management Report

Some reports available in OEE Coach are:
• OEE Management reports
• Activities overview
• Andon reports
• Output reports
• Remarks

OEE Configuration

The configuration of your OEE system is defined by the Units of Analysis userd in your environment and the Machines, Activities, Products and Sensors.

User Management

Full user management is avialable containing Roles, Users and Permissions

For more information read the full brochure or request a demo.

Implementing OEE using DataLyzer Spectrum

This white paper shows how you can start with OEE implementation and how you can use the DataLyzer SPC module to record the data, perform the calculations and create reports.

Integrating SPC, OEE and TPM

Integrating SPC and OEE in one improvement approach and using an integrated software solution has advantages:
– Productivity and quality will be equally important, and the company will truly benefit if both are improved.
– The methodology for continuous improvement will be accepted faster when both methods are integrated- and supported by one approach and an integrated software solution.
– When companies use both methods, time required for training, system support and system maintenance is reduced.

This white paper explains the differences between the techniques and shows the advantages of integrating the continuous improvement methods.

Big data, OEE and SPC

In this whitepaper we show how Big data, OEE Coach and SPC are integrated.

DataLyzer OEE Coach Software implementation

In a pilot of 3 months you can trial the complete software. We establish the configurations and teams start to enter the data. We support analysis during the full trial period. After the trial period you decide if you want to purchase OEE Coach.

During the trial we typically use semi automatic mode where data is not captured with sensors.

To further optimize data entry it is possible to automatically capture data using sensors.

For more info on OEE Coach go to