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DataLyzer Gage Management Software

A set of instruction movies will assist understanding the techniques and software. Go to Qualis Gage management video page.

Calibration and MSA Software Overview

SPC or any quality analysis is largely impacted by measurement system error. Gage instruments, inspection techniques and fixturing all make up a measuring system. Any of these components can introduce variation in the measuring system. This variation in the measuring system is then reflected as part of total process variation in the SPC analysis and negatively impacts key quality statistics like Cpk, Ppk, Ppm etc.

In all major quality approaches controlling measurement system variation is an essential first step. The calibration software part in DataLyzer Qualis Gage Management offers complete functionality for internal or external calibration of gages and required features like printing calibration labels. The MSA software part in DataLyzer Qualis Gage Management quantifies this measurement system variation and provides the required information for reducing it. The DataLyzer Qualis Gage Management system works according to IATF 16949 and RM13003 requirements.


DataLyzer Qualis Gage Management software consists of 4 main components:

• Gage registration
• Gage Calibration and Bias Studies (Calibration software)
• Linearity, Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility Studies and Attribute MSA studies using Cohen’s Kappa (MSA software)
• Supplier Records (sourcing for supplies, replacement and repair)


DataLyzer Qualis Gage management can  – like other modules – be used as an installed application (node license) or can be installed as a webbased application or for example in Citrix. In that case it will be a concurrent user license. DataLyzer MSA can also be offered as a service (SaaS). It will support containerization using Docker. In all situations integration with SPC can be realized.

This means we can support any architecture requirement to optimize your local needs including containerization.

Some of the benefits of the DataLyzer Gage Management software are:

• Flexible system to setup and perform calibration studies.
• Complete system for MSA studies including all IATF reports.
• Central tracking and monitoring of calibration and R&R studies.
• Integration of Calibration software, MSA software and SPC software.
• Import of gage data from other systems is supported.

For more information please download the brochure.


SaaS, on site web based or installed application are all supported.

Gage Database

Gage location, Gage supplier, supplier information like shipping address, costs, service-record, etc. These records are maintained to allow quick reference for instrument service or replacement. Import from existing systems is possible.

Gage History

Maintains a history of the calibration studies so that trends can be observed. Information about external calibrations can also be stored.

Calibration Software

The software supports both external and internal calibrations. During the internal calibration there are options available to select the number of calibration points within the measuring range and to include measurement or master uncertainty in the study.


Calibration Study History, the results history, Calibration due reports and printing of labels is supported. All required reports from the IATF16949 are available in DataLyzer Gage Management.

MSA Software

Methods include: Bias and Linearity study, Type 1,2 and 3 GRR studies (Average and range and  ANOVA, Long and short) attribute study (Kappa). Reporting includes performance curves, Range charts, Average & Run charts, Error charts, Normalized Individuals Charts, Whisker charts, X-Y plots and Scatter plots of the data and of course full R&R reports. R&R percentage can be based on process variation, Study variation or specific characteristic tolerance.  The MSA studies in DataLyzer Gage Management are compliant to the IATF16949 automotive and RM13003 aerospace requirements.

Data Entry Methods

Data for the studies can be obtained manually from keyboard, automatically from gage via RS-232 / USB or imported from a spreadsheet.

Multi-language Support

Built-in multilingual support to eases use among shop-floor workers. Languages include English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Hungarian,  Vietnamese, Turkish, Polish, Czech, Italian, Danish and Swedish. Other languages can be added quickly.

For more information please download the brochure.

Calibration and MSA – A practical approach to implementation –

An important step which is often overlooked is the measurement systems analysis (MSA) step. In principle it is a very easy and logical step. Skipping this step can result in costly mistakes and loss of time spent on root cause analysis. In this document DataLyzer will give you a brief introduction into calibration and MSA and provide some guidelines how you can easily implement calibration and measurement systems analysis.

Calibration and Control Charts

Most companies are aware of the power of control charts for process improvement. In most quality requirements, companies are required to perform calibration and even statistical process control. In the laboratory guidelines for determining calibration intervals ILAC-G24, it is even given as one of the possible methods to establish the calibration interval but there is hardly any information available how control charts can be used in improving the calibration process. In this whitepaper we will explain how calibration and SPC can be integrated.

Gage R&R studies

Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (GR&R) is becoming more important and is required in more and more industries. Originally, type 2 studies were mostly used, but nowadays with more automation, we see Type 1 and Type 3 studies being used more frequently. In this whitepaper we explain how Type 1, 2 and 3 studies are implemented in DataLyzer Gage management and how this relates to different criteria and the usage of SPC and automatic measurements like CMMs

Attribute MSA study

MSA studies are well known nowadays in industry. But when we talk about MSA studies we are mostly referring to Gage R&R studies.
During inspection we still often rely on visual inspection, although we know that visual inspection is not a reliable method to inspect quality. Attribute MSA is an important tool to establish the risk applying visual inspection. In this whitepaper we explain attribute MSA study in Qualis gage management and how attribute MSA studies should be applied