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In this screenshot you see the message template, you can work with links to the database as well as free text.


In this screenshot you see the subscribers menu. Here you can select users or user groups to receive an email when, for example, an FMEA action is due.

The Service Engine: The Service Engine  works in the background, even when you close the application, and manages the jobs you have set for the e-mail notifications.


DataLyzer Notification Service

In an environment where continuous improvement is important communication is essential. Communication between the shop floor and the supporting departments but also communication between production and engineering. In the DataLyzer Software Suite there are many area’s where the right communication is important.

To give you a few examples:

  • Out of Controls or Out of Spec situations at the shop floor where production management or production engineers need to be informed.
  • Corrective actions taken on the shop floor needs to be reported to teamleaders or to production engineers working on the relevant FMEAs.
  • Actions overdue in the FMEA or CAPA system.
  • Calibrations overdue in the Gage Management system.
  • Changes in documents or specifications.
  • Etc.

All these situations require an extremely flexible notification system which will continuously be expanded to support all relevant events in a flexible manner.

The Notification Manager: DataLyzer Notification Manager is a configuration tool used to setup a notification system. Users can configure the system by subscribing to events occurring in DataLyzer software applications and send/receive customised messages with the desired information to designated user(s) or user group(s). Mail contents can be completely configured in the preferred language. 

The Service Engine: DataLyzer Service Engine acts as a manager for all the jobs added to it, e.g. the notification job. It runs as a windows service in the background and is uninterrupted. The Service Engine identifies new jobs added through the service manager and schedules them as per the settings provided. The Service Engine can continue to run some jobs and stop others depending on the requirement of the user.

The Service Manager: The Service Engine Manager can be used to configure jobs and notifications in case jobs fail. The service manager is the framework  to support all kind of special jobs in the future.

Jobs: A Job is simply a background task scheduled by DataLyzer. The job or jobs running in the DataLyzer Service typically run to schedule and periodically and carry out tasks or execute background operations. These jobs are ancillary to the DataLyzer modules. “FMEA Actions Due” job for example, works along with the DataLyzer FMEA application.

Download the full brochure here.