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Dashboard software

When looking at a production line, manufacturing plant or service process you would like to see the information at a glance. Or even further you would like to see the information from your suppliers in one quick overview. These dashboard overviews should be available on your PC, on the web or on a television screen in production.

The dashboard can show information from multiple sources. The system contains a designer module and a viewer. The dashboard can be designed by your own internal team. Knowledge of Advance SQL queries, stored procedures and adequate training in DataLyzer’s database structure is required.

If desired, the creation of dashboards can also be delivered by DataLyzer’s Professional Services team. The team will interact with the coordinator, obtain the requirement and design the dashboard. This will involve:

  1. Creation of special queries and stored procedures.
  2. Selection and design the visualization.
  3. Customization using C# if required.

The dashboard can be used for all kinds of situations, for example:

  • A company wants to see an overview of the consolidated status of all suppliers in one overview;
  • A company wanted to see an overview of a specific process in all plants;
  • A company wanted to see a detailed overview per line of the status of the production process.
Desktop or WebViewer

A viewer is the container that displays the dashboard. One or more dashboards can be assigned to a Viewer. Administrators can create viewers and viewers can be preassigned to a hostname/IP address. Viewers can be dynamically assigned to a PC or dashboard.

Administrators can Create, Edit or Delete Viewers. Each Viewer can have a global set of parameters (e.g. line, plant…). A default set of parameters can be assigned to a viewer. If there are multiple dashboards in a viewer one of them can be made default. The Webviewer works with IIS,  and can use a HDMI TV with ChromeBit or Smart TV.

Create and Design Dashboards

Dashboard can be designed by managers or quality personnel using the DataLyzer designer module. No programming language is required. A dashboard can contain a number of items. A Dashboard can refer to a single data source or multiple data sources giving the flexibility to draw information from a diverse system. The data source can be a DataLyzer database or any other database. This way it is possible to show a dashboard from multiple datasources.

A datasource can be a table, a view, a stored procedure or any combination of these 3. While designing dashboards the following items are available:

  • Chart
  • Grid
  • Table
  • Pies
  • Cards
  • Pivot
  • Geo Point Map
  • Pie Map
  • Tree Map
  • Range Filter

    Figure 1: Example plant Summary

    Figure 2: Example rolling summary

    Figure 3: Example of dashboard with status of suppliers

    Figure 4: Example of capability summary of processes across multiple plants. Table can be extended to drill down