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Corrective and preventive action (CAPA) is a crucial component for any organization’s quality management system. In continuous improvement programs, improvements to process are made by taking actions at different levels in response to events and situations to eliminate the recurrences of undesirable events.

As one of the modules in the DataLyzer’s software suite, DataLyzer® CAPA software allows users to create and track workflows, actions, signoffs and additional documentation with extensive flexibility in defining each step in the CAPA. Typical results of the implementation of DataLyzer CAPA software:


  • Provides a central management tool and dashboard that tracks all CAPA.
  • Integration with SPC, OEE and FMEA events in creating CAPA automatically.
  • Fewer problems during customer or system audit.
Build own CAPA

Each organization can have its own CAPA process/steps and own workflows. The rules for the workflows also differ from one department or function to another. DataLyzer’ s CAPA tools is a flexible tool that allows the creation of one or more CAPA workflows.

CAPA Creation

Since CAPA is integrated completely with DataLyzer’s Suite CAPAs can be created automatically during events in other modules like machine down, Out of Spec etc.

Teams and Authorization

Teams can be created, with an owner for each step and authorization of various actions in the approval process can be assigned to individuals.

Approval Workflows

Approval workflows can be created where states and possible actions for each state and events can be defined. These Approval workflows can be assigned to the entire CAPA, Step or individual actions groups.

Action Groups

Actions groups can be created and assigned to specific steps. A custom approval workflow can be assigned to the action.

Custom Lists and Reports

One or more Custom lists with custom fields can be created in each of the steps. This gives tremendous flexibility to maintain. Reports are available for open actions, pending approvals, history of CAPA.

DataLyzer Software Suite – A complete integrated solution for quality and productivity improvement

In the manufacturing environment, people working on statistical process control are also sometimes responsible for downtime reduction. It makes a lot of sense to integrate OEE solutions with SPC solutions so therefore we have developed a real time OEE module. Further, to complete the continuous improvement process, a system is required to follow up on corrective and preventive actions. This CAPA module is the most recent module to complete the suite.

In this white paper, we will briefly describe the different modules and explain how interfaces between the different modules assist the users to perform tasks quicker and in a more effective manner.