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In this newsletter, you can read how DataLyzer can help you realize reverse FMEA. We also share an article on the RM13004 FMEA. We show you our new office in Bangalore. Finally, we would like to introduce Muhammad Hazwan and Silvia D’aguanno, our new colleagues. We hope you enjoy our newsletter. Please feel free to reach out to us with any thoughts or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you.

– The DataLyzer Team –

What’s new: New office in Bangalore

To support the continuous growth of DataLyzer, we moved into our new office in Bangalore.

Must readRM 13004, a practical approach to Zero Defects

Defect Prevention is the aim of the aerospace industry. No explanation for the need of quality should be necessary. The consequences of failure can be catastrophic. Luckily there are tools available to help support Zero Defects. The most effective tool being Failure Mode and Effect Analysis.

In this whitepaper we will discuss Design FMEA, Process FMEA and Control Plan as tools to achieve Zero Defects.

To be efficient as well as effective in the FMEA process it is important to consider Reference FMEAs as building blocks for the creation of new FMEAs. A Reference FMEA contains your lessons-learned and company knowledge of your processes. They are an important starting point for any new FMEA in development.

For Design and Process FMEAs to be effective they must:

  • Be product specific (system/ sub-system/ module/ part number)
  • Consider all design characteristics on the drawing and related specifications
  • The PFMEA must include all process steps from Receipt to Despatch, where the product is transformed (be it intentionally or unintentionally)
  • Include Actions to improve high severity and occurrence risks

To ensure efficiency for the PFMEA and Control Plan you should:

  • Create Part Number PFMEAs using Reference FMEAs
  • Create Reference FMEAs and PFMEAs in a dedicated software tool
  • Plan to continually update Design and Process FMEAs to reduce overall process risks.

Read the entire white paper here.

Must readReverse FMEA, a practical approach

Reverse FMEA (R FMEA) is a structured process of continuous improvement that is aimed at ensuring the permanent updating and progress of an FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) study. This risk assessment method is based on the actual situation and not predictive reliability.

We see more and more OEM companies requesting R FMEA. For example, Ford, GM and Renault request it as part of their Customer Specific Requirements.

The request for R FMEA is emerging, because the FMEA process is less effective than it is supposed to be and because one of the most essential steps in the FMEA process is not always implemented properly. For an FMEA to be effective it is required to regularly review the FMEA and keep the FMEA as a truly living document. Companies often don’t have this continuous improvement cycle properly implemented and OEM companies are requesting R FMEA as a solution to this problem.

There is no generic standard on how R FMEA’s should be performed. Only the French organization FIEV has a guideline where it describes how a R FMEA should be done. If you read multiple articles, you will find multiple approaches.

Common steps which can be found in most discussions about R FMEA are:
1. Review of the current process flow
2. Verification of effectivity of the controls and actions
3. Identify new potential failure modes
4. Verify correctness of the SOD ratings
5. Update relevant output and FMEA associated documents

Read the entire white paper here.

Let’s introduce: Silvia D’aguanno 

Silvia is a citizen of the world and was quick to leave her native Netherlands to gain experience in the wider world. In Spain, she started her career in sales. Thanks to her extensive knowledge of languages (Dutch, French, Spanish, German, English and Italian), she worked for years in the travel industry as contract manager for international tour operators. Thereafter she wanted to broaden her horizons and started as an international sales manager for a company that designs and produces machines for industrial water treatment. After more than 10 years, she worked as a sales manager for an real estate company in Spain.

From her work history, you can tell that Silvia is always looking for new challenges and is not afraid to learn and acquire new knowledge. She loves reading, nature, animals. She is a people person and team player, focused to succeed and doing everything she tackles to the best of her ability. Silvia obtained her Bachelor Degree of Translation in  the School of translation & interpreting in Maastricht and studied in the Sorbonne – Paris. She is a certified translator in Spanish & French in the medical and technical field.

She gained  30  years of sales experience throughout Europe. Since December 2021 she started as an account manager with Datalyzer.  With her willpower, energy and sales experience, she hopes to be a good asset to Datalyzer.

Let’s introduce: Muhammad Hazwan 

We are delighted to share we have set up a new office in Penang, Malaysia to accommodate our customers in Asia. The office Datalyzer Malaysia Sdn Bhd will be led by our newly appointed Managing Director, Muhammad Hazwan and we welcome him to our DataLyzer International Team. Graduated with Degree in Chemical Engineering, Hazwan has extensive experience, mainly in Semiconductor Industry where he excels time and time again in successful setup and driving of SPC, FMEA and MSA.

He has also facilitated and coached multiple Six Sigma projects for his previous organizations contributing to more than 200k USD of cost-avoidance savings for his team. Apart from that, he has intense experience in IATF 16949 as Certified Auditor and VDA standards where he drives the organization by internal auditing and also several supplier audits. Additionally, Hazwan has been involved with DataLyzer solutions prior to joining the team with improvement projects on SPC solutions.

He is all about delivering results in a smooth way and being a splendid team player. Being an all-rounder in work, the other side of the coin exposes his passion in sports and travelling. He is into badminton and football for sports and travels with his family around the globe on his leisure time. Welcome to the team Hazwan!

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