Newsletter June 2023

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Newsletter June 2023
In this newsletter, you can read about and register for our summer bootcamp as well as new webinars! You can read an article on how DataLyzer keeps updating the software, with some new key features of our FMEA software outlined. We also share an article on why Excel is not the right tool for SPC. Finally, we would like to introduce Syafiq, our new colleague in DataLyzer Malaysia. We hope you enjoy our newsletter. Please feel free to reach out to us with any thoughts or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you. 

- The DataLyzer Team -
New: DataLyzer FMEA summer bootcamp! Register here.
New webinars announced: register here
New version DataLyzer FMEA with new feature: requirement reference FMEAs, contact us for more information!
What's new: FMEA summer bootcamp!
DataLyzer FMEA Summer Bootcamp is for FMEA and Quality minded professionals to come together and to discuss and share their experiences, challenges, and best practice on managing their FMEAs to support their customers and key industry requirements. Another purpose is to evaluate how switching from Excel to the DataLyzer FMEA software will benefit your company.
During the Summer FMEA Bootcamp we will hold (Bi-)Weekly FMEA sessions, we will coordinate the best time with the subscribers. During the session you can also get support on issues encountered during evaluating the SPC software.

Interested? Email us at for more information or register here!
Must read: Improving reference FMEAs with DataLyzer FMEA
The aerospace and automotive industries are requiring the use of reference FMEAs. In aerospace the term reference FMEA is used. In automotive this is referred to as a Foundation FMEA. In this whitepaper we will use the term reference FMEA.
Companies struggle with how to apply reference FMEAs as required by aerospace or automotive OEMs. In this whitepaper we will explain which problems companies are facing and we will present a solution to overcome these problems.

The idea behind a reference FMEA is that multiple FMEAs use the same processes. We can of course copy a process step and make changes but if you later want to make a change in your process you have to review all your FMEAs and see if this change is applicable and that is a very time consuming and tedious process.

So, when you use a reference FMEA you use a link to the reference FMEA and not a copy. The linked process step is adopted in your FMEA.

If you later make a change in the reference FMEA then it will be automatically updated in all FMEAs which have adopted the reference FMEA.

Read the entire whitepaper here.

Must readIs Excel the right tool for SPC?

As a quality manager you are constantly answering to customers, leading mandatory audits, staying on top of your suppliers, among a thousand other daily tasks to required to keep the equipment producing quality products. Now you are asked to find value from your Excel or paper check sheets in an effort to increase quality and decrease costs. You think of terms like defect pareto, Cpk, control limits, and real-time alerts. Where do you look to begin your quest for actionable information from your spreadsheets and filing cabinets? Excel, of course! Right? Let the following information help steer you away from a very time-consuming and complicated road of statistical process control (SPC) with Microsoft Excel. In this white paper we will outline four major pitfalls.

Read the entire whitepaper here.
Let's introduce: Syafiq DataLyzer Malaysia

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