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In this newsletter, you can read how DataLyzer can help you manage and link FMEA, Control Plan, Inspection Plan and Work Instructions. We also share some of the new developments in DataLyzer FMEA. We share an article about Calibration and Measurement Systems Analysis. Finally, we would like to introduce Bruno Santos, one of our Account Managers based out of DataLyzer Portugal. We hope you enjoy our newsletter. Please feel free to reach out to us with any thoughts or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you. 

 – The DataLyzer Team –

What’s new: We’re hiring in Bangalore

Do you have experience with selling software? Do you have experience in providing technical support and implementation services? Do you possess a clear understanding of and experience with territorial development, sales management and customer service? Would you like to represent a world-class software company in India?
Tell us about your experience in: 
  • Selling enterprise software solutions
  • Training and software implementation
  • Working in the manufacturing industry.

Our preference goes to a well-educated, seasoned business-to-business sales and software implementation professional with +5 years experience as a minimum. Alternatively an Quality professional with +5 years proven APQP experience eg Supplier Quality Engineer with affinity to sales.

Do you believe that your experience in the areas of sales and software implementation would be of value to us? Do you have a great story to tell and are looking to build on this success and seeking an opportunity to take your career to the next level? As a way of introduction, please send us your CV with a covering letter to

Must read: FMEA, Control Plan, Inspection Plan and Work Instructions

In the Process Flow and PFMEA, we describe all the process steps. These steps are linked to the steps in the Control Plan. So a PFD is linked to a PFMEA which is linked to a Control Plan. As a minimum, these steps are linked but most often the requirements, classification symbols and control methods are also linked. The control methods described in the Control Plan need to be implemented on the shop floor.

On the shop floor we want the operator to only work with information which is relevant for his or her work process. So the Control Plan can be linked to multiple inspection plans and work instructions.

A Control Plan can contain the information for multiple process steps and multiple work processes. The control methods can also be completely different like Poke Yoke, SPC, check sheets and/or inspection sheets etc. And so, for the operator we need to create logical inspection plans and data entry forms.

Read the entire white paper here.

What’s new: DataLyzer FMEA new features

We are currently working on a new feature which will allow users to create or print data entry inspection sheets or work instructions directly from the Control Plan. For data entry we can of course use our SPC software but in some cases inspection sheets and complex work instructions are useful and will increase flexibility of the complete system. We will offer an option to link these documents automatically to the control chart in SPC.

We have also given a completely new look to our software Feel free to contact us for more information or join one of our webinars to see the new look and feel.

Must read: Calibration and Measurement Systems Analysis

– A Practical Approach to Implementation –

The Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) process is becoming standard practice in more and more industries. In the graph below you see the steps and requirements shown for the aerospace industry, but a similar picture can be shown for automotive or other industries.

An important step which is often overlooked is the measurement systems analysis (MSA) step. In principle, it is a very easy and logical step. Skipping this step can result in costly mistakes and loss of time spent on root cause analysis. We are not saying solving measurement problems is easy, only that checking if your measurements systems are adequate is not so complicated or costly activity to implement.

Read the entire white paper here.


Let’s introduce: Bruno Santos

 In 2021 DataLyzer opened a new office located in Portugal to reinforce the support of   Portuguese and Spanish customers. To manage this new office Bruno Santos joined our   international team.

 Bruno has several years’ experience in the industry as a Process Engineer, Project   Manager and Operations Manager. He has managed multiple change management   projects, always adopting a continuous improvement and inclusive team spirit, and with   a strong, data driven   approach. Bruno worked with DataLyzer software in the industry   prior to joining DataLyzer, being responsible   for multiple implementations and training   for FMEA and SPC tools in various locations across the   globe and is now an integral part   of the DataLyzer International team since the beginning of 2021.

He has a Chemical Engineering Degree, a Master’s on Management Control and is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Bruno is a team player and likes to operate in a practical, fast paced and results oriented way. He prefers an environment where strategic   thinking, curiosity and inclusivity are embraced.Passionate about sports and food which divide his free time with swimming and cycling and he loves to share a good meal with his family and friends followed by a good glass of wine. A state-of-the-art Portuguese.

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