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In this newsletter you can read about our new DataLyzer Satellite module ‘Qualis 4.0’, our upcoming webinar about DataLyzer OEE Coach, and we share a white paper about integrating SPC, TPM and OEE. Finally, we introduce Arno Koch. We hope you enjoy our newsletter. Please feel free to reach out to us with any thoughts or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you. 

– The DataLyzer Team –

 What’s new: DataLyzer Qualis 4.0 Satellite

DataLyzer is proud to present our new SPC software module: ‘Qualis 4.0 Satellite’. The Qualis 4.0 software will provide you with a complete Quality Information System with all DataLyzer Spectrum functionality that you are familiar with and much more. With the release of DataLyzer’s web-based SPC Satellite software ‘Qualis 4.0 Satellite’, our customers now have many new options and possibilities on how to monitor and analyze process performance.

The new Qualis 4.0 Satellite gives users the flexibility to configure the screens for data entry and data review. During data entry we now provide Control Charts, Histograms, Data Tables, User Notes and the Multi-Vari analysis. The layout can be configured and optimized separately for each individual chart.

The Qualis 4.0 Satellite software is developed using the latest technology. You can run Qualis 4.0 in a browser or as an installed application. It seamlessly integrates with Spectrum because it uses exactly the same database structure so no conversion is required. For more information, read our brochure.

How to get access to this Qualis 4.0 Satellite upgrade?
If your Annual Maintenance Agreement (AMA) with DataLyzer is active, you can upgrade to the latest Qualis Satellite software for FREE. If your AMA is not active, please contact your account manager or so that we can send you a quote for the upgrade and reinstate your maintenance agreement.

Must read: Integrating SPC, OEE and TPM

DataLyzer recently published a whitepaper describing the essence of SPC, TPM & OEE and highlights the advantages of an integrated approach and software solution.

All three methods focus on improving your production environment. SPC’s main emphasis is on detecting and monitoring critical quality characteristics as requested by customers. Basically, this fits perfectly in the Quality Management pillar of TPM. In addition, OEE data is reported as the main KPI in a classical TPM implementation. When following the guidelines for a perfect TPM implementation, OEE as well as SPC should be integrated within TPM. Doing so will be very rewarding for companies and opens the route to a zero defect and zero loss production.

The whitepaper will explain the individual concepts in more detail, it will describe the relation between those concepts and provide you with practical solutions for the integrated approach in your organization. Read the entire whitepaper here.
What’s new: DataLyzer OEE Coach 

DataLyzer recently announced our newest partnership and the new OEE software ‘DataLyzer OEE Coach’.
DataLyzer OEE Coach is the most advanced OEE software. It is the newest successor of Arno Koch’s OEE Toolkit, the world’s first OEE software from 1995.

DataLyzer OEE Coach has an extensive list of features. It is designed so it can visualize ANY loss on ANY type of equipment with ANY combination of products against ANY unit of measurement.
DataLyzer OEE Coach software is a powerful real-time module suitable for OEE, ranging from manual downtime registration to fully automatic registration of machines via sensors, and OPC to obtain the necessary information from your machines. It will nicely integrate with SPC.

If you are interested in learning more about the DataLyzer OEE Coach software, be sure to register for the OEE Coach Webinar.

Arno Koch, who will be introduced further below, will demonstrate the key features of DataLyzer OEE Coach during two webinar sessions on Thursday the 24th of September.

Let’s introduce: Arno Koch

As DataLyzer is teaming up with Arno Koch, resulting in our new DataLyzer OEE Coach software, we would like to introduce this OEE guru and tai-chi fanatic.  

After learning about Japanese manufacturing from the COO of Fuji Photo Film, Arno started to develop the first generic applicable OEE software 25 years ago. He wrote a book about it, added registration forms and called it the ‘OEE Toolkit’. The product was sold worldwide by Productivity Press (OR, USA) and it was followed by the Shingo-prize winning book ‘OEE for Operators’ in 1999 and ‘OEE for the Production Team’ in 2007. In 2001 he established the OEE Industry Standard to give guidelines on how to best define the OEE configuration (see

His OEE journey brought Arno to Japan, where he collaborated with Mr. Nakajima “the founding father of TPM” and Mr. Okumura, who experimented with a value-mapping technique for ‘invisible’ processes he called ‘Makigami’. Arno elaborated this concept and trained more than a thousand instructors to use it for breakthrough improvements (Kaikaku). See Confronted with the dynamics of change, Arno started to study psychology in 2014 and in 2019 he wrote two books on ‘Monozukuri’ about the way how technology and social systems interact in the pursue of continuous improvement.

In 2013, with all his knowledge and experience with OEE implementations, Arno decided to start from scratch to develop the ultimate OEE software: ‘OEE Coach’ . OEE Coach is the core of his envisioned TPMES: a Total Productive Manufacturing Execution System (see: Merging OEE and SPC in a way that will lead the complete manufacturing team to achieve Zero Emission Factories is his ultimate dream that now can become reality with the integration with DataLyzer.

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