Newsletter November 2020

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 In this newsletter you can read about our new DataLyzer FMEA module which includes full AIAG VDA format and  we share a white paper about optimizing automatic SPC import. We hope you enjoy our newsletter. Please feel free to reach out to us with any thoughts or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you. 

– The DataLyzer Team –

Highlights: DataLyzer’s latest developments

• New white paper explaining how new AIAG VDA format is implemented in DataLyzer FMEA and several other new features. Read it here.
• Free FMEA webinar explaining new VDA AIAG configuration and OEE Coach webinar. Register here.
• DataLyzer is proud to announce a new partnership in Turkey. QPlus Consultancy has extensive experience in automotive industry. See QPlus Consultancy.
• On the website of OEE Coach we have merged all information from the websites OEE Standard, OEE Institute and OEE Academy to offer a central place where you can find all relevant information on OEE – OEE.COACH.

What’s new: DataLyzer FMEA renewed

DataLyzer is proud to present the new look and feel of our FMEA module, including the AIAG VDA format.

DataLyzer FMEA supports many industries, including Automotive and Aerospace. These different industries all use a slightly different FMEA format and usually also different ranking criteria. While the exact format may be industry driven or customer driven, what everyone aims to achieve with FMEA is a robust process, with minimal defects and successful prevention of risk for the end customer. Over the years the FMEA process has expanded and grown. Because formats are getting more complex and many companies supply different industries, it is getting almost impossible to keep supporting the FMEA process with Excel. In this document we show some examples of how DataLyzer FMEA makes it easier to support the FMEA process despite the increased complexity of the formats.

Read the entire white paper here.

Must read: Optimizing automatic SPC import

DataLyzer was the first company to ever offer an automated SPC software solution back in 1979. In the first decades, control chart data was mainly entered manually or through gages. In the last decade we see a strong increase in automatic import due to new available technology and strong reduction in cost of sensors. This raises a few new challenges. Some technical and some organizational. Technical Challenges:

• The number of special situations and customizations during import is growing fast
• Even small customizations require time and money because program cycles need to be followed and for each change everything needs to be tested

Organizational Challenges:

• How do we inform the operator when a process is out of control
• How can we inform the operator real-time
• How do we ensure that operators will follow the out of control procedure

Read the entire white paper here.

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