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DataLyzer provides training, consultancy and software solutions for process improvement and quality control. Our software suite consists of FMEA, MSA, SPC, OEE and CAPA software.

DataLyzer was the first company ever to sell commercial SPC software and Gage R&R software dating back to 1979.
Our 40+ years of unsurpassed support for SPC software implementation across six continents has resulted in our invaluable experience in training and implementation. Our understanding of customers’ challenges and our innovative solutions have empowered corporations to dominate the market and achieve manufacturing excellence.

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Scalable Comprehensive Manufacturing Solutions

DataLyzer offers a flexible and scalable solution that enables customers to start with a single station module, expand to a plant-wide integrated solution (SPC, Process Flow, FMEA and Control Plan, Calibration and MSA, real-time OEE and CAPA) and support a company-wide network (Saas or on-premise) with users in multiple locations. Future IT architecture is supported by implementing  containerization (Docker) in all our solutions.

Our solutions are engineered to import data automatically from a variety of sources and are available in 21 languages to cater to solutions around the world. With a quick setup, our user-friendly software can be implemented extremely fast.

Localized Presence and Global Support

Sustainability and Continuous Improvement is getting more and more important. Our local presence allows our customers to reach us easily and connect with our local trainers and consultants without extensive travel requirements. Our global footprint will help you get the best local support achieving Global Benefits.

What Others Say About Our software

DataLyzer is a key partner for Philips Healthcare. DataLyzer has implemented a SPC/OEE solution which is used to monitor the complete plant. The SPC and OEE solution collect data automatically from machines which saves a huge amount of time to monitor the plant within Manufacturing and analyze the data for Product and Process Development and to comply to FDA regulations.

Dave Beeren

Yield Engineer, Philips


Doesburg Components is a supplier in the automotive industry. We have implemented the integrated DataLyzer solution with ballooning, FMEA, real-time SPC, real-time OEE and CAPA. We are continuously working closely with DataLyzer to improve the day to day usage of the tools.

Rob Paulissen

Managing Director Doesburg Components

We use DataLyzer Spectrum to maintain a growing number of SPC charts for our semiconductor wafer fab. Some charts are monitored daily, some are used only for troubleshooting; whilst others exist more-or-less to “see if we can find anything”. Recently, we added the FMEA module. Right now, I’d say that DataLyzer is helping us most by providing a glimpse into how our troubleshooting and product/process development might eventually work.

Douglas Preble

Process Engineer, Microchip Lowell

Using DataLyzer SPC makes it easy for the manufacturing side to control their processes and to review Cpk data. For example, by reviewing the XR chart, we know if our processes are normal. For Cpk, we release our processes to the next process by reviewing the Cpk. Additionally, we use the historical data for certain analytical engineering studies for continuous improvement. We know that we are not fully utilizing this software, but what we use is really helpful.

Hafiz Zakwan

Manufacturing Quality Analyst, Teleflex Malaysia


Neways Electronics is investing heavily in continuous improvement of their processes. Part of the continuous improvement process is the development of an efficient data architecture where data will be collected automatically from all production processes and testers. DataLyzer is supporting this process with training, consultancy and software components.

Onno Wuisman

Customer Quality Engineer, Neways Electronics

Here at Bridgestone Precision Moulding Philippines Inc we use DataLyzer FMEA to control our PFMEAs for all products. To be able to seamlessly switch with a click of a button from RPN to Action Priority to support the new AIAG/VDA FMEA criteria is an excellent feature. The Open Actions Report is extremely useful as we can easily see all the open actions across all FMEAs in just a couple of clicks and in one report, which also allows us to see who the responsible engineers are for all open actions and allows us to filter through to the specific detailed information for each FMEA. A wise investment for any organization aiming to better the way they manage their FMEAs vs Excel and to support industry accreditations!

Ghie Abian

Quality manager Bridgestone

Heineken Nederland uses DataLyzer solutions to import the quality data of European suppliers into the central SPC database in our headoffice which offers the opportunity to link external quality to internal quality and productivity

RobbertJan Dijkman

Senior Packaging Specialist Heineken Nederland bv

TF-AMD has worked closely with DataLyzer over the past years to continuously improve our process control solutions in our global operations. DataLyzer is now completely integrated in our manufacturing environment. Over the years DataLyzer has proven to be a very trustworthy partner.

WK Lau

Lau WK IT Engineer Global Operations TF-AMD

Callaway Golf closely monitors continuous improvement in all processes in our own plants as well as with suppliers. Callaway Golf works with DataLyzer to implement SPC worldwide where we have the option to follow all processes real time in every location world wide.

Robert Herzog

Continuous Improvement Manager Callaway Golf California

“We are using Datalyzer SPC to control and monitor all input of all daily production quality data into all satellites workstations by shop floor users. It provides us the required charts and reports for trouble shooting and process improvement to ensure that we have efficient quality control to our product. We have received dedicated support from the Datalyzer team before, during and after completion of the implementation project”

Alvin Tan

Sr Systems Administrator, Meritor Heavy Vehicle Systems (Singapore) Pte Ltd


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